SGD Pickups


SGD Neodymium Powered
Series 3 Bass Pickups

SGD Sidewinder
Series 4 Bass Pickups

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Solid, deep lows. Defined musical mids.
Crisp, smooth highs. Textured and detailed tone.
Clean and powerful passive, also works great with any preamp.
Single coil clarity with no noise. Extended highs. Clear, transparent and defined. Moderate output passive, also works great with any preamp.

SGD Alnico Vintage
Single Coil Pickups

SGD Multi Coil Pickups

AVS Logo Multi Coil Pickups
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Hand wound traditional style single coils, in vintage and modern designs. Powerful full range pickups.

Noise-free Multi Coil Pickups

Custom Designs/Rewinds

MAX logo Rick Sidewinder
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Multi-coil design for single coil clarity with no noise. Extended highs. Thick lows, and detailed mids. All the grind with no hum. Oh, and did we say loud? Some examples of recent builds. Need something different? You've come to the right place!
Sound clips:
1) In this clip you hear first the ND3-40 (wide) both, bridge, and neck passive. Then the same combination though a preamp, then with the tone controls manipulated.
2) ND3-40, Both Pickups
3) ND3-40 (wide) soapbars with TI Flat Wound Strings
4) Neo J (narrow) through amp
5) Neo J (narrow) recorded direct
6) Neo Jazzbucker, Solo Bass
7) Slapped Jazzbuckers, played by Ernie Montalvo. (Neck in parallel, bridge in series with preamp)
8) Passive Jazzbuckers (series), played by Ernie Montalvo.
9) Neo P4 Quad Coil, Series
10) Neo P4 Quad Coil, Parallel
11) Neo P4 Quad Coil, "Single"
12) Sidewinders with "deep" neck pickup option.
13) Sidewinders Plus version for extra warmth.
14) NEW! Jazz Bass Sidewinders. True single coil tone with no hum!