Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between "wide" and "narrow" aperture pickups?

A: "Aperture" is the width of the string sensing area of the pickup, and is generally the distance between the two poles of a humbucker. Wider apertures sense a larger section of the string, and result in a "warmer" or "fuller" tone. The lows are a bit deeper and the highs are a bit smoother. Our standard soapbar pickups are wide aperture and sense an area about .75" (19.05mm) wide.

The narrow aperture pickups sense a narrower area of the strings, and have more of a single coil type of tone, with tighter lows and a punchy upper midrange. Our narrow aperture soapbar pickups are similar to our Jazz Bass pickups, but in a larger case. They sense an area of the string about 5/16" (0.312" - 8mm) and use thinner blades. This gives you the option of having a tighter, more single coil tone in a soapbar size case.

aperture chart

Q: What is a Sidewinder?

A: Our new Series 4 "sidewinders" use a unique configuration where both coils in the humbucker are on their side and sense the strings though a single central blade. Because there is no upper harmonic cancellation and midrange emphasis like you get with standard humbuckers, these give a clean bright tone with extended top end, and a more neutral midrange as you would get with a single coil pickup.

These are specially wound for fans of very natural sounding bass. They have slightly lower output than our humbuckers and feature ceramic magnets. These also easily do the vintage/bright single coil tone.

We also make a hotter wound version for a more fat-vintage single coil tone.

Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A: CIG Pickups are hand made to order. Average wait between order and delivery is about 3 to 4 weeks. When things get busy the waiting time will increase. We work on batches of pickups in the order as we get them. Check the front page for lead time status. We are now trying to keep pre-made parts on hand, and even wound bobbins for the various sizes to reduce the wait. CIG is a two person operation. All pickups are hand wound. All parts, with the exception of the plastic covers, are hand made in house. If you need something a little special, ask. Custom orders take more time. Please be patient. If you have a question about the status of you order, please drop us an e-mail. We sometimes get backed up, but you will always get your pickups.

Please note that all sales are final. Orders can not be canceled, nor refunds given. It doesn't matter if you sold the bass the pickups are being made for and have become a monk. ;) Sorry, but too many people had a project sitting around, ordered pickups, and then lost interest on the project, sold the bass, etc., and then they want a refund. If you need an order changed after you placed the order, drop us an email ASAP and we should be able to change it. we are happy to work with you to give you different pickps if you sold the bass.

By ordering you agree to these terms.

Q: Will neodymium magnets pull my strings down, or cause tuning problems?

A: No. While the bare magnet itself is very powerful, our "magnetic circuit" reduces the field strength over the pickup to about 400 gauss. In comparison, pickups with Alnico rod magnets exhibit about 800 gauss at each pole piece! So our neo pickups are pulling the stings less than conventional vintage style Alnico pickups. Neos are powerful like ceramic magnets, but have a warm tone like Alnico.

Q: Do you make custom pickups, or OEM pickups or electronics for luthiers?

A: Yes, drop us a line if you want something you don't see, or to inquire about Dealer/OEM pricing. wealso make private label pickups. Please note that all sales are final on custom ordered products. Returns are only granted for defective items for repair or replacement. wecannot resell custom orders, nor can weregain the time it took making them. Also we cannot guarantee lead time on custom orders.

By ordering you agree to these terms.

Q: What is the warranty on your products?

A: Our products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 10 years and may be exchanged for for other models up to 10 days. Pickups and electronics must be unaltered and undamaged. This means the leads are not cut short and the pickup casing is not scratched. Customers pay shipping on exchanges. We do not cover intentional or accidental damage or misuse by the customer. Pickups and electronics should be installed by qualified individuals. On custom orders all sales are final, but we will work with you to get you what you wanted, and will repair defective units.


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