SGD Scorpio Bass

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SGD was at the Grammy's!

This beautiful Stambaugh bass was built for Imagine Dragon's bassist Ben McKee!

It features SGD ND3-HB Neo Humbuckers in chrome covers!

Please note that direct orders are currently running behind schedule. I am working hard to get the back log of orders cleared up ASAP.


New!The long awaited Multicoil series!

Multicoil M5


New!Replacement for Gibson Thunderbird

These are available in all the ND3 and SW4 styles.

CHrme Thunderbird pickups


New! Replacement for Gibson/Epiphone EB/SG neck pickup

Clear, wide range tone. (cover not included)


SGD EB with cover


New! Introducing the SGD AVS Alnico Single Coil series.



I have just added mini humbucker neo pickups to the store. These have closed chrome covers and are great replacements for the bridge pickup on Gibson EB-3/SG basses. They have a fuller tone than the originals and work better with the neck pickup. These should also fit other basses such as some Ibanez models.


SGD Pickups got a #1 Best ranking of Best Bass Humbucker Pickups at Bestcovery. Review by Mark Fletcher:



New! SGD Neo P4 Quad Coil Pickup

One of the most requested pickup styles has been for Precision Basses. Now the wait is over.
The new SGD Quad P4 Neodymium pickup offers the P style player a variety of tones, from our clear clean Neo soapbar tone, to a brighter Neo powered single coil tone. The Neo P4 is also wound to work correctly with bridge position J style pickups; it wont over power them. This also gives the Neo P4 a crisp clean tone, with plenty of warm low end and supportive midrange, and a smooth musical top end.

Neo P4

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New! SGD Epiphone Thunderbird Pickups

These are available in all pickup styles.

Epi T-bird

Epi T-Bird Pickup


New!P-Bass Deluxe size pickups

Replace that wimpy bridge pickup on your P-Bass deluxe!

Great for custom builds too.

These are available in all pickup styles, in both bridge and neck models.



New! SGD 2-Band Preamp

This is our first preamp offering. It's a very musical 2-band preamp based on a '76 Music Man Stingray. It's a faithful recreation using the original LM4250 - Programmable Operational Amplifier IC as on the original. I also use high quality metal film resistors, polyester film and tantalum capacitors, and quality Bourns potentiometers and Neutrik jacks. It comes fully wired and tested, ready to drop in to your Music Man or other bass, or even a stomp box case for an external preamp.

SGD 2-Band Preamp